Artist Profile: Wade Sisco



Raised on a farm in rural Northwest Arkansas, I navigated my formative years within a landscape that was as challenging as it was inspiring, my passion for music and the arts has always led the way. My academic journey in art began at a local community college, exploring figure drawing, film photography, sculpture, and art history, laying the groundwork for a multifaceted career in the graphic arts.Relocating to Long Beach, California, in 2001 after meeting my husband of 24 years, Rabbi Sam Radwine, marked a new chapter in my long strange trip.

After receiving my visual communications degree I was catapulted into Orange and Los Angeles counties' diverse world of design careers. I have over 20 years of experience in marketing firms, screen printing, graphic design, software development, marketing direction, UI/UX, and product management.

In recent years, I've shifted focus back to traditional art forms, finding solace and fulfillment in oil painting and sculpture. This transition inspired me to open a gallery, fostering a space where digital and traditional mediums converge, encouraging artists to explore and learn from both realms. This endeavor reflects my belief in the enriching exchange between diverse artistic practices, advocating for a creative synthesis that broadens the scope of expression and understanding in the art world.

I also play a mean guitar and have two pugs, Brian & Stewie.