Artist Profile: James A. Fraser


James Fraser Artist Showing at Wade Sisco Gallery Palm Springs California 

James A. Fraser, with a rich background in art education in Los Angeles, has fully embraced his role as a resin artist in Rancho Mirage, infusing his work with not just skill but also a touch of enchantment. His creations, such as "Cityscape," "Fireflies," "Day in the Park," "Raindance," and "Glacier Bay," reveal a keen eye for the interplay of light and color, further enhanced by the use of holographic accents. These elements bring a dynamic shimmer to his pieces, making the light seem to dance across the surface and inviting viewers into a captivating visual experience.

Within the welcoming confines of Studio 44, James continues to innovate and inspire. Here, amidst the tranquil desert landscape, he crafts his pieces with a deep commitment to beauty and exploration, offering a unique visual feast that bridges his past experiences with his current artistic journey. This studio is more than just a workspace; it's a place where art lovers are invited to immerse themselves in the shimmering, light-filled worlds James creates, showcasing his dedication to not only his craft but also to sharing its wonder with others.